Interview Video

Your team will produce a Person on the Street Interview Video. The topic will be “Improving Education.”

STEP 1: Develop three interview questions. These cannot be “Yes-No” questions, but questions that require explanations. The three questions should be related so they will make sense together in one video.

TIP: Ask your interview subjects to include the question in their answer. If the question is, “What’s your favorite color?” ask them to answer, “My favorite color is….”

STEP 2: The jobs for shooting:

  • Cameraperson: Make sure to frame the interview subject in two-thirds of the screen. Be aware of the background: Is it distracting? Off topic? Consistent throughout the video?
  • Sound: Attach microphone to interview subject, then listen through headphones to monitor the sound quality. Be aware of any extraneous noises and pause the shoot if sound needs to be re-done.
  • Director: Lead the team, decide on backgrounds and framing, conduct interviews.
  • Tape Log/Wrangler: Maintain a Tape Log with timing and notes (these will be useful when editing). “Wrangler” job means lining up next interview subject.


Conduct at least 5 interviews. When editing look for the “Main Statements.” Edit footage together in ways that connect from one statement to the next. Begin with something that establishes the topic of the video. Find something to use at the end that puts a “punctuation mark” to close the piece.

Get B-Roll footage to supplement your video’s topic. Your audience doesn’t want to look at Talking Heads for the entire video. B-Roll should illustrate your topic and also should be used to cover jump cuts in editing.

Due, Thursday, October 31st.