Artist Retrospective

Congratulations! The SF Museum of Modern Art has decided to do a retrospective show of your artist’s work. (If you don’t know the word “retrospective” look it up.) Since you’re an expert on this particular artist, the museum has hired you to design the POSTER for the show and to design a line of 3 T-SHIRTS to be sold at the museum gift shop.

Remember to make the designs appropriate for your artist. Mr. Machtay will show the class examples using architect Mario Botta.

Create a new Photoshop file 400w X 600ht. Show at least three images of the artist’s work — you might use Layer Masks or design an arrangement of images. The artist’s show needs a NAME. Mario Botta’s architecture is made up of strong geometric shapes, so I’ve called his show SHAPES.

Poster needs: Artist’s Name, Name of Show, Location, Dates

Create a Photoshop file 600w X 600ht. You will create three T-shirt designs on this one file using this artist’s work. The designs should all have similar styles: same filters, or tints, or layer masks, and should contain the artist’s name or the name of the show somewhere in the design.

Hand in both files as JPGs