Book Cover Monochromatic

The class will start by searching for images for “Odysseus.” Then search for images of “Ancient Greece” and “Map of Greece.” Collect appropriate images.

You will be making a book cover for “The Odyssey” by Homer, 400px wide by 600px height. It must be monochromatic (using only one color family).

Then select a book you read for school within the last two years. You have been hired by a publisher to design a new book cover for this book. But the publisher wants to see a few different ideas. So, you will make three different cover designs for this book. Each design will be monochromatic.

  • Combine at least two or three images to make your cover design.
  • Make sure the title of the book and the author’s name is easily readable.
  • Do NOT use photos from movie versions of the book.
  • Do NOT use drawings. Do not choose a book that is manga or comic art.
  • Make sure each finished product is MONOCHROMATIC. And make sure the color family you choose is appropriate for the book.