Functional Design: Flags & Money

Most designs are made to fulfill certain functions. The chair you’re sitting in was created by a designer (working for businesspeople). You understand the function of a chair.

But what is the function of a FLAG? And what functions of MONEY does a designer need to consider? What about a POSTAGE STAMP? What are the considerations when designing these items?

You will create a country of your own. Decide whether your country has mountains, is on an island, or is metropolitan (cities)*. You will design:

  1. a FLAG for your country (400px wide by 300px ht, save as GIF);
  2. 2 SIDES OF PAPER MONEY (each 400px wide by 300px ht, save as JPG)

What are the main considerations for a FLAG?

  • It represents your country; symbols, shapes and colors should have meaning
  • It is usually made from cloth, so you need solid blocks of color (no gradients or photographs)
  • It must work on a small scale (on a uniform) or on a large scale (big flag over your embassy or painted on the side of a building)

What are the main considerations for both sides of PAPER MONEY?

  • Money needs to represent the country; use colors or shapes from the flag
  • Money needs to have complex images overlapping to make it difficult for counterfeiters; use gradients, patterns, layers over layers with adjustment of opacity
  • Usually an image of an important person from the country is on the front and an image of the nation (landscape or building) is on the back
  • It needs to include denomination (how much is the money worth?)
  • Do NOT make it look like United States currency and do NOT call it “dollars”

Place all files into folder named with your class period, your last name followed by “flagmoney” (e.g., 2machtayflagmoney).

* One Option: You could decide that our city should secede from the country and become the nation of SAN FRANCISCO — make your flag and money for the new REPUBLIC OF SAN FRANCISCO.