Coming Up in Media Arts

A CHALLENGE to all Media Arts students who told me they are interested in art school or interested in majoring in film in college — also to all Media Arts students who would like an A for spring semester: Take charge of at least one project early in spring semester where you will PRODUCE A FINISHED VIDEO THAT YOU CAN BE PROUD OF, something you could put in a portfolio for an art school! It could be a 30-second commercial for a dance or a 5-minute documentary, but make it so clever, photographed and edited so well that people will be impressed with your skills.

For now:

  1. On Monday, November 25th, every student will hand in one page about their favorite movie, identifying the elements of Aristotle’s principles of drama from Poetics: Beginning, Middle, End, Protagonist, Antagonist. (You don’t need a lot of words, just get the concepts right.)
  2. On Monday, December 2nd, each 1st year Video student will hand in a proposal for a video project. Presentations for video projects will take place the first week of spring semester.
  3. In spring semester you will each work with a team on a large-scale (5 minute) video project.
  4. You will also work on your profile video for yourself. I suggest working cooperatively along with the same students who are on your video team. But you need to get footage or photographs of yourself that define you (for instance, playing soccer, at your job, or working on video). These must be finished by January 23rd.
  5. We also have some important projects that need to be completed by the start of spring semester:
    • A new commercial for Media Arts Pathway
    • A new commercial for Academy of Hospitality & Tourism
    • A commercial for all the VAPA (music and art) classes at Galileo