CA1 Final Project

OK, you asked for it…

Students requested a project where you could “do what you want.” OK, for the final project of fall semester you can do what you want in Photoshop. Need an idea? How about holiday cards using Photoshop? Or how about advertisements for your future company?


  • Three Photoshop files 400 x 600 saved as JPGs in a folder called 2lastnamefinal (or 3lastnamefinal)
  • Combine multiple images on each file and text on at least one file
  • Use Filters and Layer Styles
  • Use Lasso to do cut-out
  • Use at least one Layer Mask — make sure teacher can tell you used Layer Mask in the final work
  • Remember the principles of good layout and design
  • One Restriction: Do NOT make ads for a video game! Why: Because using cartoon figures or drawings is no way to show Photoshop skills!!!

Due the day of class finals