Banners in Photoshop, Part 1

  1. Use Google Image Search to find a photograph of a lion
  2. Choose the large picture of the lion and not the thumbnail
  3. Drag two lion pictures to your desktop
  4. Make a new file in Photoshop that is 400 pixels width by 300 pixels height
  5. In Color Picker choose Galileo Purple #6600CC
  6. Paint the background layer Galileo Purple
  7. If your lion picture is very large go to Menu Bar > Image > Image Search, choose Percent and make the image 50% size
  8. Then drag your lion picture into your new file
  9. Name this layer “lion”
  10. Make 10 duplicates of the lion layer
  11. On the top layer apply a Filter to the lion image
  12. Then turn off the “eye” icon on the top layer and select the next layer
  13. Apply a different filter on this layer
  14. Apply a different filter to each lion layer; find Filters that you like