SF Architecture

Greetings 5th period students.

We will build a big class-wide website about San Francisco. In choosing this topic we will only use our own original photographs (and we won’t be using copyrighted photographs that belong to other photographers). But, what should this site be?


We could form into teams based on neighborhoods. Then each team member would write two articles about two different places in their neighborhood that are “cool for teens”: a low-cost coffee shop, a discount store for clothes, a park where you can play basketball, a street where you can walk around. You could even include an article about which streets are safe and which are not-so-safe after dark, or other advice for teens visiting your neighborhood. One Warning: This isn’t going to work if the only thing students write about are Starbucks and Quickly’s.



San Francisco is famous for its high-quality architecture. Our neighborhoods have history and different styles of buildings are all over the city. We could have one team write about (and photograph) Victorian buildings, while another team looks for Art Deco, and a third team focuses on Mid-Century Modern. You could even include tips and guides for neighborhoods to find certain styles of buildings.



This would not be a team project. Each individual student could choose one place in San Francisco — it could be a famous tourist site like Coit Tower, or it could be a little neighborhood park. You need to be able to find out information about your chosen site: When was it built? Who designed it? What’s the history (what was the original use of the building and how has it changed over the years)? (Negative: This project was done by last year’s class… if you choose to do this you cannot choose any of the SF Sites currently linked.)