Face Animation

THE FINISHED PRODUCT: When this animation is competed you should have the following layers (from bottom to top):

  1. background (not animated)
  2. face (not animated)
  3. lefteye (symbol “eye” motion tween)
  4. righteye (symbol “eye” motion tween)
  5. leftpupil (symbol “pupil” motion tween)
  6. rightpupil (symbol “pupil” motion tween)
  7. mouth (no symbol shape tween)
  8. leftbrow (no symbol shape tween)
  9. rightbrow (no symbol shape tween)
  10. Add on anything you choose: hair, antennae, ears, nose — the more you animate, the more interesting you make your movie, the better your grade

INSTRUCTIONS: You will animate a face, showing different facial expressions.

  • Leave the bottom layer for background. You can work on this later.
  • Rename the first new layer “face.” Create an oval shape. Adjust the shape using the Arrow/Selection Tool (as Mr. Machtay will demonstrate to class). You don’t have to put this in the library — it will not be animated.
  • On another new layer create a white oval for an eye. Group this and save to Library as a Symbol called “eye.” Name this layer “lefteye” and position the symbol “eye” where appropriate.
  • Create another new layer and name it “righteye.” Take the “eye” symbol from the Library and place in position on this newest layer.
  • Do the same with a symbol called “pupil” (this is the dot in the eye). Use one symbol on two different layers.
  • Then create a layer called “mouth.” Use the line tool to make a mouth. But DO NOT put this in the Library. This will not be a Library Symbol. (Shape Tween)
  • Continue with two eyebrows (each on its own layer). What else can you add? Hair? Antennae? Nose?
  • Complete the face with a background. Your grade will be better if you create a scene with a story instead of just shapes moving on the screen.
  • Animate facial expressions. Have the eyes go narrow, then wide. Have the pupils look to the left, then right, then up, down and center. Have the mouth go from a smile to a frown to a curious expression. You can even experiment with animating hair. Tween everything. Use your creativity and your imagination.
  • Add in background on the bottom layer. Create something interesting, not just geometric shapes.

Hand in SWF file not FLA.