Neighborhood Websites, part 1

You will sit with your teammates in your team area. Get to know these people! You will be building a website together.

Your team should fill these four jobs (more than one person can share a job):

  • Lead Coder
  • Lead Designer
  • Editor
  • Project Manager

Each team member will write two 300-word articles about something in their neighborhood (article 1 due Monday, February 3rd; article 2 due Monday February 10th).

Mr. Machtay has posted a form for your team’s progress (webteamprogress.docx) in the pickup folder of pickupdropoff > machtayh. Project Manager should download a copy and fill in the relevant fields.

  • Name of your team website
  • Team members and jobs they will do
  • Begin List of Articles for the website; this should be completed on Tuesday

Then each member of the team should design a mock-up for your team website template using Photoshop. All pages on your website will be constructed using the same template.

The website design will be 800-1000 pixels wide, you may begin your design with 600 pixels height. Website design must include:

  • Logo at top of the page
  • Links (either down left side of page or along top of page under Logo)
  • Background or background color
  • A 300-word article (copy 300 words from a website of Word document and paste in as article)
  • Pictures (use placeholders for now)
  • A short Sidebar — if it’s a store, restaurant, library or museum, give their hours; if it’s a historic site, use this space for one interesting point about the location.