3rd Period Class

This 3rd period class will be split into 2 classes. Ms. Lau and Mr. Machtay will decide which students will go into which class section.

LANGUAGE SKILLS CLASS will learn more basic vocabulary and English language skills. If you are struggling with English language skills you should go into the LANGUAGE SKILLS CLASS.

COMPUTER ART CLASS will learn English while doing Computer Art projects. Students will learn English language skills in order to do work in Computer Art. And the Computer Art projects they work on will be about communication — so these will also improve language skills.

IF YOU ARE struggling with the instructions for Photoshop in this class, and you think it is too difficult for you to learn Photoshop in English, you should choose the LANGUAGE SKILLS CLASS. If you improve your English Language Skills this year, Mr. Machtay will be happy to have you in his Computer Art class next year.

IF YOU THINK working with Computer Art will make it more fun to learn English, you should choose the COMPUTER ART CLASS.

WRITE using one of the following sentence frames:

(1) I want to be in the Language Skills Class because…


(2) I want to be in the Computer Art Class because…