3rd Period Feb 4

If you want to be in this class, I want you in this class.

If you think you will enjoy doing computer art, I want you in this class.

But if you chose this class because your friend is here, or if you chose this class because you want to play games on the computer, you should not be in this class. We need a positive learning environment. If you are off task or you simply don’t want to do the work, we cannot have a positive environment (and you will have a very low grade in this class). Speak to me this week if you want to switch classes.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: If you did not hand in any work in Photoshop on the last assignment, why did you choose the Computer Art class?


  • No Food
  • No Drink
  • No Gum
  • Do not print without teacher’s permission
  • The computers are for class work. Do not browse the internet or play games unless the teacher says you can have free time. You have to hand in work before you can have any free time on the computer.
  • When the teacher is speaking, pay attention
  • Help your classmates! If you complete work quickly because you understood what to do, please help classmates!


Your goal is to improve your English vocabulary and English language skills.

The goal of this class is to teach you how to follow instructions in English. Later in the semester, you will be tested on following Photoshop instructions in English. Practice as we go along.

Most days we will have a question of the day. The first student will ask a question. The second student will answer that question. Students will use sentence frames for these questions.

A lot of this will not be easy! But if you only do what’s easy, how will you improve and grow?