Adjectives, 3rd period

Mr. Machtay will show you where your folders are kept. At the start of each class you should get your folder. Place all new work into this folder. Mr. Machtay will grade the work that is completed in your folder. At the end of class return the folders to the shelf where they are kept.


Adjectives are describing words.

What Adjectives Describe You?

Turn over the worksheet you did yesterday. On the other side of the page write adjectives that describe you. Do not re-use the words from the first side of the page. But really think about what adjectives truly describe you.

If you are not tall do not use the adjective “tall.” Consider some of the describing words below:

  • Are you silly or serious?
  • Are you fun or business-like?
  • Are you happy or sad?
  • Are you handsome or cute or pretty or beautiful?
  • Are you thin or heavy?
  • Are you loud or quiet?
  • Are you crazy or calm?
  • Are you colorful or dark?

Adjectives Can Describe a Design

You made a design for a Lion Banner for the Football Team. This design was colorful and bright and cheerful.

You made a design for a Lion Banner for the Principal. This design was business-like and serious.

A person can be silly or quiet. A design can be silly or quiet. A person can be happy or sad. A design can be happy or sad.

Girls: Is pretty the same as beautiful? Is beautiful the same as cute? A design can be pretty or beautiful or cute.

Choose one describing word that you used for yourself. Choose a word that is interesting and that can be used to describe a design. You will make a name banner with just design.

Name Banner

You name banner will be 400 pixels width by 200 pixels height. It will have your first name on it. You will not use any pictures, just design. Choose colors, shapes and typefaces that give the feeling for your adjective.

You will save your file as a JPG and put it in dropoff folder. You will then write using these sentence frames:

I selected the adjective __________ because…

For my banner I selected the colors __________ and __________ because… I selected the typeface __________ because…