Photoshopping, 3rd period

When Photoshopping you must try to make the picture look real. Make your changes look like they are part of the picture. And always remember: When using the Lasso Tool around any real image (a face, a building) you always want to FEATHER. Feather at 1 pixel  normally. If you are cutting around soft hair or fluffy trees, feather at 2 pixels or even 3 pixels.

  1. Go to machtayh > pickup folder (the same way you go to dropoff folder, but choose pickup this time; in menu bar Go > Connect to Server > smb:// > pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup)
  2. Take two files, arches.psd and courtyard.psd, and drag them to your Documents folder
  3. Open the file arches.psd in Photoshop
  4. You will cut out the two windows; start with the window on the right
  5. Mr. Machtay will demonstrate how to use the Lasso Tool
  6. Start with the Lasso Tool with Feathering set at 0 pixels and cut out the center of the window on the right; take out the center but don’t cut near the edges
  7. Then change the Feathering option to 1 pixel
  8. Zoom in very close and cut out the edges of the window slowly and carefully
  9. It may seem difficult at first. But the more you use the Lasso tool, the better you will get at using it. Remember to zoom in very close and work slowly.


  1. Open the file courtyard.psd in Photoshop
  2. Mr. Machtay will demonstrate how to use the Clone Stamp Tool
  3. When using the Clone Stamp Tool you always have a SOURCE and a COPY
  4. Hold down Option key to select a Source for the Clone Stamp
  5. When you paint with the Clone Stamp Tool you are making a Copy from the Source; the Cross follows the Source, and the Circle follows the Copy.
  6. Remove all the people from the Courtyard and make the scene look realistic