“Twins” Project, 3rd period

FIRST, make sure your landscape picture is handed in. You must save the landscape assignment as a JPG, name it 3lastnamelandscape, put it in machtayh > drop off folder.

Then, you can begin Twins Project.

You will take two photographs of yourself using Photo Booth. Then using the Lasso Tool and Clone Stamp Tool you will combine the two photographs to make it look like one picture.

Make a new Photoshop file 600 pixels width by 400 pixels height.

Keep some things in mind:

  • You will be graded based on (1) how neat your cut-out is; and (2) how real the finished picture looks.
  • The larger image needs to go in front. The person closer to the camera will be larger than the person in the back.
  • Make sure the lighting matches. This should be easy if both pictures are taken in the same place.
  • Use the Lasso Tool carefully. You must zoom in close and cut out slowly.
  • Make sure to Feather with the Lasso Tool. Feather at 1 pixel for the face. If your hair is soft (or trees or a sweater) change Feather to 2 or 3 pixels.
  • You get extra credit if your picture “tells a story” or “sets a scene.” Maybe one twin is stealing the coat of the other twin? Maybe one twin is about to strangle the other twin? Maybe one twin is patting the head of the other twin?
  • Have fun!