How to get a better grade, 3rd period

BTW: Just to let you know — Mr. Machtay forgot his glasses at home today.

Today is block day. By the end of class today you must hand in a finished JPG file for IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE and a finished JPG file for TWINS PROJECT. Make sure each is saved as a JPG. Make sure they are named correctly (name begins with 3 last name). Make sure they are placed in machtayh > drop off folder.

You will be graded on both of these assignments. Your grade will depend on (1) how neat and careful were you with cutouts? and (2) how realistic did you make the finished picture look?

We will go around the room today with a question and answer session.

  • The first student will ask, “What will you do to get a better grade?”
  • The next student will answer, “To get a better grade, I will…” and then explain.

How could students get better grades on these assignments? There are many ways: You could…

  • Spend more time and be more careful with cutouts
  • Add another picture to your Photoshop file
  • Make sure the pictures match
  • Put together pictures that tell a story