Ads for Teens/Persuasive Communication

Now that you have designed three different logos for your product, it’s time to select one of those logo designs and use it to create three ads.

Search for advertisements on Google Image Search. Look for advertisements aimed at teenagers — for candy, for make-up, for snacks — and see what ideas you can get from the ads you see.

You will make 3 ads, each one 400px wide by 600px ht, save as JPG.

Make one folder called 3lastname adcampaign and place all three logos in the folder and all three ads in the folder. This folder must be handed in on Monday.


  • The general layout and design of the ads should be consistent.
  • This is a case when you want to use the same typeface(s) across all three ads. (This design consistency is what makes it an Ad Campaign and not just three different ads.)
  • Each ad should use different pictures. But if you use a Filter or Layer Styles, you should use the same ones across all three ads.
  • You need a slogan — something that will get attention.