Create Instructions for a Classmate

TEST ON WEDNESDAY! Following Step-by-Step Instructions in Photoshop! During the Test – you cannot get help, you cannot use any translation! There will not be surprises. You know everything that you will be asked to do on the test.

TUESDAY: Review Everything! Are you confident you know how to make a new layer? How to make a square shape (hold down shift)? How to use Filter Gallery > Texture > Texturizer? How to use Layer Styles?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you come to class late you will receive an UNSATISFACTORY in CITIZENSHIP GRADE. This looks bad on your record. If you receive too many Unsatisfactory Grades in Citizenship it will keep you from doing some things you want to do in high school (like go to dances or play sports).

This time you will receive an instruction sheet with blank spaces.

You will fill in the blank spaces and then your instructions will be given to another student.

Line 1: Fill in numbers for Width and Height in Pixels

Line 2: Fill in a color

Line 3: Fill in a Texturizer Filter. You can choose from: Brick, Burlap, Canvas or Sandstone

Line 5: Select a Filter for Lion

Line 10: Select a Typeface, a size and a color for your name

Line 11: Select 2 Layer Styles