Wellness Websites

Speak with your team. You should all agree on a name for your group’s website.

Each individual should create a master design in Photoshop for your team’s site. These should be finished by the end of class on Tuesday, so that your team can confer at the start of class Wednesday and select a finished design.

Also, today and tomorrow, start to split up the topic so different team members are responsible for different pieces of content.

Here is one suggestion of the content you may include on your website (and a way you can split up the topic):

  • WARNING SIGNS: What are the warning signs that you or a friend has a problem?
  • DANGERS: What are some bad things that can happen because of this problem?
  • RESOURCES: Clinics, helplines, where can someone get help?
  • EXAMPLES: Find stories about bad things that happen because of this problem.

Another way to split up your topic:

  • Smart Tech team may want to choose four or five different specific issues and have each member of the team deal with one of them.
  • Healthy Relationships team may want to define four or five specific issues and have each member of the team take charge of one of them.
  • Substance Abuse team may want to assign a different substance to each member of the team.

Which way of splitting the topic makes the most sense for your team?

Now figure out how you’re going to organize the content on three different web pages.