Personal Portfolio Website


  1. Outline for 3-page site: List what will be included on each page. (If you want to show off your best work from this class, list which specific artwork you will display.)
  2. Design template for your site: choose the background, design the logo for the top of the page, design the links and the layout (How wide are the columns? How large are the images? What size and typeface for the text?).

Fall semester you worked on your WEB1 folder. You added your own background and inserted your own images, but you used the basic template provided.

Now it’s time to re-do your website. Re-design the pages. You must produce a website that is at least 3 linked pages. There must be images and words on each page.

What do you want the heading/title of the pages to say? Make the heading and the links the same on all pages. Choose a background and a color scheme and use it across all the pages. It would be good if you created a basic template and stayed with it. But if you feel the content of the different pages requires adjustments to the layout, do what you need to do.

What should be in your personal portfolio website? You could…

  • Show off your best work from this class. You can include the images that were in your WEB1 folder – these were the first Photoshop files you created during fall semester. You could include artwork you created for your team website project; if so choose what YOU like best. You could also place your finished Flash animations (SWF files) on these pages.
  • Include one web page with content that you created for another class: This could be a history PowerPoint, or a science lab, or a book report for English class. TIP: a PowerPoint can be adapted very well to a web page; bullet points and images combined. REQUIRED!
  • Include one page about something that you are interested in. Do you want to work in Marine Science when you’re older? Do a page about your passion and what interests you in Marine Science. Or how about K-POP or Action Movies or Fashion or the SF Giants?*
  • Or make your website about a business venture. Do you mow lawns in the summer? Show some pictures of the lawns you have worked on; include testimonials from previous clients. Do you want to build a website for your parents’ donut shop? Great! Get some pictures of the shop and the donuts and sit down with your clients (in this case that would be your parents) to find out what contents to include.
  • If you’re going into Video class next year, you will have an opportunity to add/link video on your web pages.
  • SHOW OFF! Show people how good your work can be! Show Mr. Machtay (for a grade). Show future teachers or potential employers. There may be a time in the future when you have a lot more skills than you have now. You can still show off by saying, “This is what I was able to do when I was a sophomore/junior in high school.”
  • * DON’T make your site about Video Games. You’ll end up just using drawings/characters from video games (which won’t show any Photoshop skills) and what are you going to write that’s new and original to you? You can include Video Games on a list of your interests, but don’t make it the subject of your site.