Galileo Folder Covers

Many of you have already completed one folder cover design that is very simple. You have placed one image and then written “Galileo” (or “Galileo Academy”). OK. Now design a folder cover that is more complicated, that uses more than one image.

Mr. Machtay will show two examples: (1) Uses multiple images with Layer Masks (Gradient Layer Masks); (2) Places multiple images in a design — if you do something like this make sure you have consistent alignment and sizes. On this second file, Mr. Machtay will also show the class how to do a Layer Mask with letters.

You have learned Filters, Layer Styles and Layer Masks. Use these Photoshop skills! If you need help with anything, ask Mr. Machtay or ask a classmate.

Each fall Galileo gives folders to all students. Each spring all of Mr. Machtay’s students design cover designs for the Galileo folder. The student officers choose which cover design will be used for the following fall.

You have 3 hours of class time to work on this. If you hand in only one file make sure it shows 3 hours of work. You can hand in more than one file. Use your 3 hours wisely.

This assignment is different from others — you are creating a design that will be used in PRINT and not for web! Therefore:

  1. This will be a large file. Throw out any extra files you have in your account (on desktop or in documents). Make sure to Empty Trash.
  2. Create a new file in Photoshop 8.5 inches width by 11 inches height at 150 dots per inch (pixels per inch).
  3. You will work only in Black & White (the cover will be printed in one color using the printer’s pre-selected blue-purple color). For MODE change from RGB Color to Grayscale.
  4. Do NOT use “Save for Web & Devices” (it would convert your file to 72 dpi). Use “Save As” and select JPG. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask Mr. Machtay.