Constructing Portfolio Website

You now have a design for your portfolio website. You now need to start constructing the site using HTML and CSS.

create a folder named “5lastnameportfolio” – HTML pages will go inside this site folder. Also inside the site folder create a new folder named “images” – only JPGs and GIFs will go into this “images” folder.

You can open the index.html page in your Brooklyn website. Use this for the basic HTML and CSS. But you will have to rewrite the parameters in the CSS.

The main page (homepage) in your portfolio folder will be called “index.html” – this is the page that will automatically open when browsers go to the web address.

To set up the DIVs for your site: Get the measurements for each DIV (rectangle that will hold content) on your page – left, top, and width. Once you have these numbers, it should be easy to re-write the numbers in stylesheets of the brooklyn webpage.

Make sure all your JPG and GIF images are in the images folder. Make sure they are sized correctly (to fit on your webpage).

If you are capable of doing rollover buttons, you can design the buttons/links in Photoshop. If you feel rollover buttons would be too much of a challenge, use regular type for the links (however, you can set the colors, etc, for the links in stylesheets).