Getting the Best Grades You Can!

In some cultures it is considered rude to question or challenge a teacher.

But here we encourage students to ask questions. If you wonder why you got a “C” on an assignment instead of a “B” you need to ask Mr. Machtay directly. Most of the time Mr. Machtay is able to show you examples of things that you could have improved. By asking a question like this, you learn how to get a better grade on future projects.

You need to be able to ask these questions of any teacher:

  • Why did I get such a low grade?
  • What can I do to a get a better grade next time?

Here’s how grades work in our school district:

  • A = Excellent Work
  • B = Good Work
  • C = Average Work — This is the lowest grade you can get that counts for college admission
  • D = Passing (but just barely) — This is the lowest grade you can get that still gives you the 5 credits for having completed a class toward high school graduation
  • F = Failing — You do not get credit for this class. You will have to take the class again.

What grade do you deserve on the Galileo Folder Cover project? Write one sentence for each of the categories listed below and give yourself a grade (Skill, Aesthetics, Communications, Effort):

  • At the bottom of the page is a table called ARTWORK PORTFOLIO RUBRIC.
  • Each student will be grades on four bases:
    • SKILL – Do you show skill using Photoshop filters, layer styles, cut-outs and layer masks?
    • AESTHETICS – Do you show a good sense of design? Is the space on the page used well? Is there alignment? Good spacing between items?
    • COMMUNICATIONS – On this assignment you needed to communicate School Spirit; you needed to communicate with images “What is Galileo all about?” or “What represents Galileo?” Did you do a good job communicating?
    • EFFORT – You had 3 hours to work on these folder cover designs. If you spent at least 2 hours 45 minutes working that is an A. If you spent 2 hours 15 minutes working that is a B. If you spent 1.5 hours working that is a C. If you spent 45 minutes working on this assignment that is a D. If you spent less time than that it is an F.