Hero of Your Own Manga!

Manga are like adult comic books. They are stories told in panels of pictures (with words). There are action-adventure manga, romance manga, manga that relate a historical story, or manga that help explain scientific or math concepts.

You will create a six-panel manga story where YOU are the hero. Maybe you are the hero who wins the Superbowl, or the hero who conquers lizard-headed monsters from outer space, the hero who goes back in time and helps win World War II, the hero who explores the far reaches of the universe, or the hero who demonstrates a tough scientific concept. Have fun with it.


Write your story. Write 6 sentences, one for each panel.

Bring some FANTASTIC element into the story! Maybe you grow wings and start to fly? Maybe you swim far into the ocean and talk to the dolphins? Maybe your faithful dog turns into a noble knight? Maybe you have to fight a dragon?


Make a series of panels each 400 pixels width by 300 pixels height. Use Photoshop — use filters, layer masks, and lasso to cut out images. Combine pictures of yourself with other pictures.

You have four hours to work on this project. Put in time, thought and effort.


Speak to Mr. Machtay if you would like to undertake the manga project using pencils and pens.