A Great Place!

Each student should select a location that they think is great. It could be one place (like the Golden Gate Bridge or Coit Tower) or it could be a city (like San Francisco or Beirut). It could be something in local. Or it  could be something in your home country. If it is someplace local you should take photographs of the place (you can borrow a camera from Mr. Machtay, but make sure to return it next class). If it is someplace in your home country, make sure you can find photographs of it on the internet.



I selected the location ________.

This place is ________ (describe the place).

I selected it because ________ (explain what is interesting, or fun, or great about this place).


You are going to create an advertising campaign for tourists to go to your selected place.

You will create three advertisements using Photoshop. Each advertisement should be 400 pixels width by 600 pixels height, saved as JPG and handed in to dropoff folder.

Remember the parts of each advertisement:

  • Logo (this would be the name of the place in a specific typeface and color)
  • Slogan (this should be a short phrase; it could even be just one word; same slogan on all ads)
  • Main Picture
  • Other Pictures (make your design interesting — is one picture enough?)
  • Other Words (do you need to explain things about your place?)