Portfolio Website Checklist

  1. You have made a folder named “5lastnameportfolio” (this is your site folder); inside that folder is another folder named “images.”
  2. Inside your site folder you should only place HTML pages. Inside your images folder you should only place JPGs and GIFs that will appear on your web pages.
  3. You have started a new HTML page in Dreamweaver; the page is saved in your site folder and is named “index.html.”
  4. Insert stylesheets into the head of index.html (between close title tag and close head tag). You can copy and paste stylesheets from another project that we already did.
  5. Take measurements of each DIV in your webpage design. Each DIV is a rectangle that will hold contents on your page. You need the X (left), Y (top) and width of each DIV; z-index is used if one item is in front of another item.
  6. Refer to handout CSS CHEATSHEET for additional CSS coding.
  7. Make sure all of the images that will appear on your webpages are inside the images folder, saved as GIFs or JPGs.
  8. Now you can start to construct the page. The DIVs are defined (left, top & width) in the stylesheets in the head of your webpage. In the body of the page, call up each DIV and place the contents within that DIV.
  9. CLOSING TAGS!!! Each time you have a <div> tag there needs to be a </div> closing div tag at the end of the DIV.
  10. LINKS could be text or they could be Photoshop images. Only use Photoshop image links if you know how to create rollover buttons.