What Can You Learn…?

Today you will work together with a group of students.

Please be aware, you will be with other students who do not speak your first language. Therefore, you will have to communicate with your teammates in English. There may be one or two other people in your group who speak the same first language that you speak. It would be VERY RUDE to speak in that language and leave out your other group members. DON’T DO IT!

What can you learn in this class? What should you learn in this class?


This Computer Art class is an experiment. You have had a chance to take this class instead of taking a traditional “ELD Language Support” class. The idea is: While you are doing Computer Art you are also increasing your skill with English.

QUESTION 1: What do you think you should learn in an ELD Language Support class? If this Computer Art class is also a Language Support class, what should you be learning here?

QUESTION 2: Has this class helped to increase your skill and comfort with using English? What have we done in this class that has helped? What was not helpful?

QUESTION 3: How would you re-make this class next year? What should be in the curriculum? What should the class learn? What should the class do to help increase students’ English language skills?


TEAM 1: Khaterin, Coco, Jingfeng, Jackson, John

TEAM 2: Christine, Najah, Alex, Zhiming

TEAM 3: Bryan, Xiaofeng, Jason, Jianfu

TEAM 4: David, Tao Li, Wenwei, Junpeng