An IDIOM is an expression where the meaning is not literal.

The meaning of an IDIOM is not the same as the meaning of the words that make up the IDIOM.

“Kick the Bucket” is an American IDIOM that means a person has died. When a person “Kicks the Bucket” they did not actually KICK a BUCKET – they died.


The class will discuss the American IDIOM “Make Hay While the Sun Shines.” On your worksheet, each student will translate the words of this IDIOM into their 1st language. Then fill in: Is there an IDIOM in your 1st language that is similar to this?

Then fill in the other sections of your worksheet:

  1. Think of an IDIOM in your 1st language. Translate it word for word into English. Then explain the meaning in English. And then consider whether there is an IDIOM in America that has similar meaning.
  2. Then, each of you has been given a different American IDIOM on your worksheet. Translate it word for word into your 1st language, then explain the meaning in English, and see if you can think of an IDIOM in your first language that has the same meaning.
  3. Then find another American IDIOM and complete the word for word translation, the meaning, and whether there is a similar IDIOM in your first language.

Next week we will start looking at television commercials and figure out the meaning of the words. Many commercials use IDIOMS.