“What’s Cool” Magazine

DUE TODAY (5/8):

3 designs for magazine logo saved as JPGs in a folder in dropoff.

A page plan for your magazine. Fill in the handout Mr. Machtay gave you today. Each page should have a different article, either a cool person, a cool thing, or a cool place — what will go on each page? Hand this in today. For the FRONT COVER page indicate whose picture will be on the cover. The BACK COVER page will be an advertisement aimed at teenagers; indicate the product being advertised.

A big corporation has gotten rich marketing products to teenagers. But now they want to market even more to teenagers. They have hired you to create a new magazine aimed at the teenage market. The magazine needs to be about “What’s Cool” for teenagers.

You need to make a PROTOTYPE for your magazine (a Prototype is an original model of a product or thing – when a new car is designed, they must first create one prototype of the car). For your prototype, you will not have to write any complete articles, but show sample pages and what will be on the pages.

  1. You need to come up with a name for your magazine. “What’s Cool” is a terrible name for a magazine (nobody would think that’s cool). Come up with a name that other teenagers will think is cool.
  2. Create a Logo for your magazine using the name you came up with. Make sure you are using the space well (200px x 200px or 400px width x 120px height, save as JPG).
  3. Plan out your 8-page prototype of your magazine. Mr. Machtay will give you a planning sheet to fill in.
  4. Design your cover. What is the biggest (most important) article in this issue of your magazine, the one that will make people want to buy it? Feature this biggest on your cover. What other articles will make people want to buy your magazine? Feature these smaller. Remember the principles of good design. Make sure the words can be easily read. (Design 400px width x 600px height, save as JPG.)
  5. Create an Ad for the back cover of your magazine. Create a product that will be marketed to teenagers (through your magazine) and create an advertisement that will appeal to teenagers (400px width x 600px height, save as JPG).

This is due on Thursday, May 15th.

    • Design six pages for the inside of the magazine.

Each page should be about either (1) a cool person or (2) a cool thing.

  • You don’t have to write any complete articles, but write a few words for each page explaining what the article will be about and why you are writing about this person or this thing.
  • Make each page look attractive. Use Photoshop skills. Include a headline (of any type size or typeface) and one or two sentences (text should be 12 point either Times New Roman or Helvetica).