Day of Silence/What Do You Care About?

You will make a series of 3 Public Service Ads about one topic. You should select a topic that you care about. Each ad will be 400px width by 600px height, save as JPG when you’re done.

Today, Mr. Machtay is observing a “Day of Silence” along with a number of other teachers and students at Galileo. This is being done to honor and recognize lesbian, gay and other young people who have been silenced and bullied. Bullying is a serious problem and many teachers feel strongly about fighting this problem.


Public Service Ads advertise an idea (instead of advertising a product for sale). Examples of some personal PSAs: Don’t Drink and Drive; Eat Healthy; Brush Your Teeth; Fight Against Bullying. Examples of s0me political PSAs: Calling attention to the girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria; Protesting against government surveillance; Fighting for internet neutrality; Freedom of speech; Help hungry children. There are thousands of other ideas that could be used for PSAs.

Choose one topic that you care about. Now make three posters promoting the idea of that topic.

Search for images that communicate your idea. Don’t just put down one picture with some words over it! Combine images. You know how to use Photoshop Filters, Layer Styles, Cut-outs, and Layer Masks. Show your Photoshop skills in these posters.