End of Year Survey for CTE

End of year survey for all CTE students:


If you are a senior provide a non-Galileo email address (one we can use next December to find out how you’re doing).

Name of Academy/Pathway: “Arts, Media & Entertainment”

Your course titles:

  • 5th period: Intro to Digital Communications
  • 6th period: Video Production

Are you in a non-traditional industry sector? If you are not Chinese or White, answer “Yes.”

Did we have a Job Shadow this year? Yes, one at PHD Media (advertising agency field trip)

Did we have a Guest Speaker? Yes, five former students who talked about their college experiences working with Media.

Did we have a Field Trip? Yes, two — one to PHD Media and the other to SF International Film Festival

Internship during this year? If you had an internship last summer list it here.

CCSF courses? Only two of you, Calson and Sandy, took CCSF courses this year.