VIDEO: What needs to be done?

Everyone in class needs to fill out the CTE Survey. I will not sign out any senior who has not completed the survey.

Email List: Add your name and a non-Galileo email address to the class list going around the room.

Everyone in class needs to write about one movie you saw in our VideoFest. Choose a movie that you didn’t work on. Write about (a) What was good, what worked? and (b) What could be better, what constructive suggestions can you give to the filmmakers? I will not sign out any seniors who have not turned in this assignment.

SENIORS: Every one of you said you wanted a Media Arts graduation sash. Nine of you have not paid the $6 for the sash. I will not sign you out until you have paid. When I sign you out, I will give you your sash.

We need to re-do the videos that were in our VideoFest. At least three videos need to be switched out. The first and third sequences of videos are on the teacher computer in Premiere Pro. The middle sequence of videos is on Mr. Machtay’s laptop in FinalCut Express. It will be fastest for you to work on these machines. WHO WILL VOLUNTEER TO WORK ON THIS?

MEDIA ARTS END-OF-YEAR PARTY Friday, May 23, 1 pm.