Magazine Pages

Last week you started work planning and designing a magazine aimed at teenagers. The idea of the magazine is “What’s Cool for Teens”  — you can focus on celebrities, on music, or fashion, on sports; feature the main focus but include a mix of content. Last week you all designed logos and filled in a magazine plan.

This week you will design 8 pages, all 400px width by 600px height, handed in as JPG in folder (2lastnamemagazine). As always, you have learned Photoshop Filters, Layer Styles, Layer Masks, and Cut-outs; show your Photoshop skills in this assignment. ALL DUE Thursday May 22:

Front Cover of magazine: The biggest picture on the cover should be about the biggest article (the one that will make people buy the magazine). Include smaller pictures with “tag lines” — things that will get people to want to read the magazine. The logo should go at the top of the front cover.

Back Cover of magazine: Design a full-page ad for a product aimed at teenagers. This could be a product you invent (clothes, soda, game system) or it could be a real product. But the ad you make must be your own creation.

6 Pages of magazine: Each page should feature a different article/subject. Include a headline at the top of the page, include two or three pictures of your subject (person, thing). Include one or two sentences explaining why this person or thing is so cool.