Check Your School Loop

First, give Mr. Machtay a little time to check over the grades on School Loop.

Then, check your School Loop grades for Computer Art 1 for this Marking Period.

If you have a 0 (zero) on an assignment that is an F and it means I do not have work from you for this assignment. If you have work show it to Mr. Machtay right away.

If you have a 1 (one) on an assignment that is a D; a 2 (two) is a C; a 3 (three) is a B; a 4 (four) is an A.

Today you have two hours to improve your grades. If you have missing work (F) you can do the work today and get a grade. If you have a D or C on an assignment, ask Mr. Machtay what you can do to get a better grade. You can spend time today working on that, hand in improved work or additional work and improve your grade.

This is your choice! If you want a better grade, today is your last chance.