Galileo Banners

You will design three banners for Galileo. Each one will include

  • Galileo colors (purple & gold or purple & orange);
  • a photograph of a lion (use filters);
  • and words “Galileo” or “Galileo Academy” or “Galileo Academy of Science & Technology” or “Galileo Lions” (use layer styles)

Each banner will be 400 px wide by 200 px ht, 72 ppi.

When your work is complete you will save each file as a JPG and name the file <<class period last name galbanner1>> (then galbanner2 & galbanner3). It should look like this: 3machtayhgalbanner1.jpg or 2wongjgalbanner2.jpg or 3jimenezhgalbanner3.jpg.

galbanner1: design a banner for the Galileo Football Team. It should be big and bold and bright. You should be able to blow up the banner super-big to hold up in the stands at a football game.

galbanner2: design a banner that could be used on the back of a business card for the Galileo principal. This needs to look sophisticated and professional, serious, businesslike.

galbanner3: your choice — make a banner for something at Galileo. You could design a banner for the Galileo Orchestra, Galileo Gamer’s Club, Galileo Tennis Team, Galileo Chess Club. Make your design appropriate for the group it will represent.

Mr. Machtay will show the class how to save files as JPGs and how to use dropoff folder to hand in work.

5th period: Due Monday, August 25
2nd & 3rd periods: Due Block Day, 30 minutes into class