Name Banners

Adjectives can be used to describe people (businesslike, silly, cheerful, serious, gloomy, wild, loud, quiet). These same adjectives can be used to describe designs.

You will select one adjective that describes you. This one word will be the inspiration for three Name Banners you will design in Photoshop.

Each Name Banner will be 400 pixels wide by 200 pixels height, 72 pixels per inch. It will include just your first name (no other words, no last name). You can include colors and shapes. You can use photographs or shapes. But definitely do not use cartoon images!!!

You have learned to use filters on images and layer styles on letters. Use filters and layer styles on all three of these banners. Use variety! Even though all three designs should be described by the same adjective, use a different typeface, try slightly different colors, use different filters and images on each banner.

At the end of block day this week save your three banners as JPGs and place them in a folder: 2lastnamenamebanners (e.g., 2machtaynamebanners). Place the folder in dropoff.