Playing with Reality


When you’re watching a movie and see someone hit by a car, the odds are good that actor wasn’t really hit by the car. Same with someone stabbed or falling down a flight of steps.

Movies alter reality by combining shots in a way that makes you believe some dramatic action has happened. Your team will make a short video that shows IMPLIED ACTION.

In this same movie you must include at least one example of two people who look as if they’re together in the same place (but you really shot them in two different places at two different times). You must also include at least one example of a POV shot in which a person is looking at something (and the thing they’re looking at is in a different location).

Including all these elements, make sure that your video makes sense (it’s OK if it’s a simple story, but make it a story). Make sure your implied scenes and combined scenes look real!

Your team will need to create a storyboard before you start shooting this video. Storyboard on Tuesday. Shoot your video on Thursday. You can finish editing it on Friday and have it ready for viewing for Monday’s class.