Layer Masks: Movie Posters

In the CART1 folder you downloaded to your documents there is a file called “layermasks.psd.” Open this file with Photoshop CS6.

Follow along with Mr. Machtay as he demonstrates how to use Layer Masks. You will create three:

  • Layer Mask with Letters
  • Layer Mask with Shape
  • Layer Mask with Gradient

Then you will work on the following creative project and make sure you use Layer Masks.


  • Create the name for a movie. It must be set in either the past or the future. It must star two actors who have never worked together — if you want, you can be one of the two stars.
  • You will design three different posters for this same movie (same name, same actors). Use different designs, different images, different typefaces, different filters and layer styles. 400px wide by 600px ht, save as JPGs, hand in folder named 2lastnamemovies.
  • You will be combining at least three different images (Actor 1, Actor 2, Background). You may want to combine more images to create a more interesting background/setting for your movie poster.
  • The Name of the Movie should be prominently displayed.
  • List the Names of the Two Stars
  • Include a “Tagline” for your movie
  • At this point you know how to use Cut-outs, Filters, Layer Styles and LAYER MASKS. Use all of these. Show your Photoshop skills.
  • Make Posters that would actually make people want to go see the movie!!!