Principles of Good Layout:

  • Group / Grouping
  • Align / Alignment
  • Repeat / Repetition
  • Vary / Variety

Mr. Machtay will show a PowerPoint explaining these 4 Layout Principles.

This week you will be given the content (words and images) and asked to complete the layout on two Photoshop files, both in your CART1 folder: typographylayout.psd and artist layout.psd.


You must complete this layout so your finished design matches the design on the print out Mr. Machtay hands out.

Mr. M will show how to View > Rulers. In Photoshop > Preferences set your Units & Rulers to Pixels. Use rulers to make sure alignment is correct (items line up).

TOP OF THE PAGE: Headline, Printing Press, “Do you notice typefaces…?”

  • You will have to make the Headline and Printing Press pictures smaller. Use Edit > Transform > Scale and hold down shift to keep the image in proportion. Do not stretch or squish any of the images on this page.
  • For the paragraph “Do you notice…” make the text 11 point Helvetica regular. Make the headline 14 point Helvetica bold.
  • Below the Printing Press picture add a Textbox. In the Textbox write your name and class period.

REST OF PAGE: Garamond, Times New Roman, Trebuchet

  • There are three images (Garamond Art, TNR Art, Trebuchet Art). Edit > Transform > Scale to make these smaller. Make sure they are all the same size and they all line up along the left and the right.
  • There are three layers with paragraphs of type (Garamond, Times New Roman, Trebuchet). Make sure the paragraphs are correctly matched up to the images. Change the sizes and typefaces for each paragraph:
    • Garamond 11 point regular, bold headline
    • Times New Roman 10 point regular, bold headline
    • Trebuchet MS 9 point regular, bold headline
  • Make sure all three paragraphs line up neatly along the left hand side. There should be appropriate space between the images and the lettering.
  • Make sure the top of each paragraph lines up consistently with the top of each image to its left.
  • Make sure the space between the paragraphs/images is consistent.
  • Do not leave an excessive amount of space at the bottom of the page.


  • Make this page look nice!
  • You will need to make the type smaller so everything fits. You will need to make the images smaller (make sure they stay in proportion).
  • Use the space well. Make sure there is balance (don’t put all the images on one side). Make it look nice!
  • GROUPING is important! Make sure it’s easy to see which paragraph goes with which picture.