Entrepreneurship Challenge

Your team can choose from 7 different business challenges for the NFTE competition. You can find all information, links and resources at https://innovation.nfte.com/

Here is the information your team will have to fill out on the application:

  • Team Name
  • Product/Service Name
  • Our Innovation: describe your business in 250 words or less. How would your product or service work? How would a customer use or benefit from it? Be clear, crisp and creative! (250 words maximum)
  • Meet Your Challenge: how does your business idea address the issue defined in the innovation challenge? What makes it especially innovative? (250 words maximum)
  • Now describe that with 3 adjectives
  • Define Your Market: how will your product or service solve an existing problem or fulfill a need that is not being met by other products or services? Why is your idea better? (250 words maximum)
  • How is your idea different? You’ll be asked to upload 3 competitors’ logos or names and type a few words about how your product/service is different/better. (for example: less expensive, better quality, more selection; 10 word limit per description)
  • Identify Your Customer
    • Our target customer age is… define a low and high end of the range)
    • Our target gender is xx% male and xx% female
    • Our target customer demographic is (select one) urban/ suburban/ rural/ global
  • Describe the behaviors, interests, beliefs, lifestyle and personality of your customer. Why would the person you described be interested in purchasing/using your product or service? 100 words maximum
  • Tell Your Story: Here’s your chance to tell and sell your story! Please upload up to 5 images of a storyboard for a 60-second commercial for your innovation. Also craft a script for your 60-second commercial. Be creative. Convince them that your innovation is worth buying/investing in. 200 word limit