How-To Video

You will stay with your same 4-person team to create a 1-minute HOW-TO VIDEO.

Your video must show either step-by-step instructions or “how something works.”

  • The challenge is to communicate information clearly and VISUALLY. If you are successful, a person could watch your completed video and be able to follow the instructions.
  • First, create a storyboard. Be aware of what angles will be best for showing the information. (Mr. Machtay needs to go over your storyboard before you can start shooting.)
  • You can either use words on the screen or voice over — or you can use both.
  • This assignment is not about making a “how to ask a girl out on a date” video. Some possibilities:
    • How to do a trick on a skateboard
    • How to make cookies from scratch
    • How to braid hair
    • How to do the steps in an arts & crafts project