Video: Now Through January

Your teams will complete the HOW-TO VIDEOS at the end of this week.

ADS FOR WINTER BALL: Masquerade Ball is Nov. 22 at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf. Make something clever this week! Earn out-of-class hours!

VIDEOS YOU WANT TO MAKE (NEW! Mr. Machtay has never before given this sort of open-ended assignment): As of Thursday, Nov. 13, you can form teams you want (3 to 4 students per team) and spend one week making videos you want to make. Mr. Machtay would like all these videos to be appropriate for school. It would be great if we could get some fun short videos to show on GHTV. But the teacher will not censor or control what you do. (But remember, your grade depends on you showing effort and skill and doing SOMETHING!) Due end of class Thursday, Nov. 20.

ACADEMY/PATHWAY VIDEOS: By the end of Fall semester we need new commercials made for each of Galileo’s six pathways/academies. These are: Media Arts Pathway, Environmental Science Pathway, Biotech Pathway, Health Science Academy, Computer Science Academy, Academy of Hospitality & Tourism.

VIDEO PROPOSALS: Each first year video student will submit a proposal for an Adobe “Create With Purpose” Video, due November 24th.

Here is a link to What’s Required for Your Proposal:

Here is a link for Guidelines for Video Projects:

PERSONAL PORTFOLIO VIDEOS: Start preparing now! Each student will hand in a completed Personal Portfolio Video by the end of January. You were given a 16GB thumb drive. You should be using that thumb drive to collect images and video of yourself that could be placed in your Personal Video.

Each student is responsible for completing their own video. You will need assistance from your classmates. (OK, they will help you and you will help them in return.) This is the one video project where you will receive a grade alone for your work! If you put something together at the last minute that is sloppy and shows very little effort or thought YOU WILL GET AN “F” ON THIS IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT.

Make a video you will be proud to show off!