Galileo Ad Campaign

FIRST: You will create three different advertisements for Galileo. Each one 400px wide by 600px ht, saved as JPG.

Each Ad must have:

  • Picture(s): Don’t just slap down one picture and say you’re done. Show your Photoshop skills. Use Filters, Layer Styles, Layer Masks, Cut-Outs.
  • Logo: How will you write the word Galileo or the words Galileo Academy of Science & Technology? Remember Grouping and Hierarchy.
  • Slogan: A short phrase to SELL YOUR PRODUCT!
  • Remember the Principles of Good Layout – Grouping, Alignment, Repetition, Variety

Each of these ads will be DIFFERENT ideas — different typefaces, different designs, different colors, different filters, different slogans. You are providing your client with choices.

These three different ads must be handed in at the end of class next Monday.

Mr. Machtay will give feedback on these ads.

Then you will design an AD CAMPAIGN with 3 ads: each ad will have similar layout, same typeface(s), same/similar slogan, same filters or color scheme. It should be clear that these three ads are all part of the same campaign.