Homepage & Site Map

We are continuing our work planning out a redesign for the Galileo website. Don’t Panic! The full website is a huge undertaking. We are going to focus on (1) the Homepage; and (2) the Site Map.

Friday — Your team will create a Photoshop representation of the homepage for your assigned SFUSD school. Mr. Machtay will show you an example. You are placing rectangles and indicating what content is in each of those rectangles.

Next Week — Your team will focus on the Galileo website and produce three things:

Plan & Design a New Homepage for Galileo. Where should the menu be placed? Where should the links to the teachers be placed? What do you think belongs at the top of the Homepage? Remember to make it USER FRIENDLY.

Plan & Chart Out a New Site Map for Galileo. What should be in the Main Menu? What would link from there? Place everything into categories and figure out how to make everything USER FRIENDLY and easy to find.

Create a Questionnaire. We will create a Google Questionnaire online. All the stakeholders and users of Galileo website should be able to fill out this questionnaire. It should ask their opinions of what should be prominently displayed and easiest to link to on the Homepage of the site. It should ask opinions about making the site more USER FRIENDLY. How would you word those questions?

We will work on the website project through Thanksgiving break. Each student will be asked to fill out a self assessment and teammate assessments at the end of this week. (Use this rubric for assessments: https://machtay.com/workplacerubric.html)

After Thanksgiving we will work on Flash Animation. We will be moving through Flash skills very quickly. This is an excellent class and you’re doing a lot of impressive work so I’m confident you’ll be able to handle it.