Book Cover/Layer Masks

All of your Book Covers will be 400px wide by 600px height, saved as JPGs. On Friday, hand in a folder called 2lastnamebooks. This folder will include one book cover design for “The Odyssey” by Homer and three cover designs for another book — a book you read in English class in the last two years.

Mr. Machtay will take you through the process of designing a book cover for “The Odyssey.”

  • Do a Google Image Search for “Odysseus” — this is the main character of “The Odyssey” and this search will not give you pictures of mini-vans.
  • Do Google Image Searches for “Ancient Greece” and for “Map of Greece.” Collect images you can use on your book cover.
  • Mr. Machtay will review how to do Layer Masks. Use a Layer Mask on each of the covers you design this week to receive a full grade.


  • Choose a book you read in English class over the last two years.
  • You will make 3 cover designs for this book.
  • It cannot be a picture book or a book of manga.
  • Do not search for the title of the book. If you search for the name of the book you will get other book covers. Do NOT use these.
  • Do image searches for the topics and locations of the book.
  • Do not use cartoons or drawings. Use Photos or Paintings.
  • Each book cover design must use Layer Masks.

Due this Friday at the end of class.