Clone Stamp Street Scene

In your CART1 Folder there is a file called streetscene.psd.

Open that file and save it as 2lastnamestreetscene.

First, duplicate the layer with street scene on it. In case you mess up on one layer you have a back up layer you can use.

You will use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove all the wires, all the poles, traffic lights, dog, fire hydrant. Make sure to remove the shadows cast by the fire hydrant and poles.

You will be graded based on:

  • Did you do a complete job? (Did you remove everything you were supposed to remove?)
  • Was your work neat and carefully done? (Are the “lines” in the road consistent? Are there smudged and blotches?)
  • How realistic does the finished picture look? (Is it easy to tell that the photo was Photoshopped?)

Hand in finished work at the end of class on Tuesday, November 24.