Put Yourself in the Picture

This is a skills-based project. You will show your skills with lasso and cut-outs combining a photograph of yourself with another photograph. You can put yourself together with your favorite movie star or singer. You can put yourself speaking to the United Nations or starring in your favorite movie.

Your goal is to make the finished picture look REALISTIC. Therefore, neatness counts in the cut-out and you need to be careful in selecting a photo to combine with your photo.

Make your picture 600px x 600px, 72ppi. Save as JPG, 2lastnamepicture. Do NOT use the size of the original photograph.

In choosing a picture:

  • Make sure it is a realistic photograph – not artwork, not fantasy.
  • Make sure it is a large photograph – stretching a small image loses quality.
  • Match the lighting – don’t try to combine your indoor picture with an outdoor picture.
  • Match the angle – be careful about choosing pictures that have high angle or low angle.
  • Match the size – someone closer to the camera is larger than someone further from the camera, be careful with that.
  • Make yourself large enough – I won’t give you credit for cutting out a tiny image that can barely be seen.

Due at the end of block day this week.