Advocacy Posters

You will make 3 files each one 400px wide by 600px height, saved as JPGs. Place these in a folder called 2lastnameadvocacy.

Choose a topic you care about. You will make 3 DIFFERENT posters about that one topic.

There are many topics you could choose:

  • Don’t Drink & Drive
  • Stop War
  • Feed Hungry Children
  • Welcome Immigrants to America
  • Oppose Police Violence
  • Respect Women

When artists want to express their political opinions they create ADVOCACY POSTERS/ADS.

You will combine images with words to send a message to people. Can you put together words and images and get people to feel an emotion? Can you get people to take political action? To vote for your candidate? To donate to a cause? To volunteer in a soup kitchen?

Words + Images combined can be powerful. Learn to use that power!