Happy Holidays — All of Them!

You will create HOLIDAY GREETING “CARDS” for a holiday of your choice. It could be for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Chanukah or Ramadan or New Year’s or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or 4th of July. If you want to make a Birthday Card for a relative or a friend, that’s OK also.


Create 3 different holiday cards. Each one 400px wide by 600px height, save as JPG.

Show Photoshop skills: You know how to do cut outs, how to use layer styles, filters, layer masks.

Don’t use cartoons or drawings. You can’t show Photoshop skills if you use a cartoon character drawn by somebody else.


Create a Flash animation holiday “card.” Make it at least 120 frames, set at 12fps (that would be a 10 second video).

Show your skills and creativity.