“Be Nice” Campaign

Each student will make a Flash animation 720px wide by 480px height, 30fps (frames per second), minimum 10 seconds (that would be 300 frames).

Choose an example of rude behavior, some issue around the city or around the school where you think people could be nicer. Show it in animation form.

If you need to use words to explain it, don’t use a lot of words. Keep it short. Remember, even the shortest phrase needs to be on the screen for 4 seconds (at 30fps that’s 120 frames).

At the end of your animation add the words “BE NICE.” (This also needs to be on the screen for 4 seconds.)

Mr. Machtay’s example: People who get on MUNI and stand in front of the door — even though they’re not getting off the bus for miles and even when the bus stops at a crowded stop and a lot of people need to get off and on.

Another Example: When a young person is sitting on the bus and does not give up his seat to an elderly woman.

A School Example: Students who throw their candy wrapper on the floor instead of bringing it to a trash can.

Now come up with your own idea!